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Civilization VI Has Been Announced For Nintendo Switch

Established PC strategy title Civilization VI has been announced for the Nintendo Switch today. It is being published by Take-Two Interactive and will be available for owners of Nintendo’s latest system on 16th November 2018.

“Civilization VI offers new ways to interact with your world, expand your empire across the map, advance your culture, and compete against history’s greatest leaders to build a civilization that will stand the test of time. Play as one of 20 historical leaders including Roosevelt (America) and Victoria (England).”



    1. Nope because th full game has already been available for iOS and Android devices for the past year now… It’s the entire game but of course without the dlc


  1. I hope it’s not a watered down port. I love the CIv series with my favorites being 2 and 4. I haven’t been able to play six yet as my Mac doesn’t have the specs for it from steam. I would take even a slight downgrade in graphics I just don’t want the gameplay to be changed so it’s a true experience. Definitely going to buy so they know there is support for this on Switch


      1. yeah, but actually someone on twitter speculated that the other reason that they delayed the direct was because of a game reveal which showed content related to natural disasters or destruction which was what just happened to japan.


      2. Just stop with spreading and echoing someone else fantasy in his head without question it or source.

        Nintendo delayed the Direct because national disaster, that’s all.
        Stop spreading this nonsense and tin foil Alex jones poop

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      1. what kind of stupid question is that, if you were in japan you would have felt the same way as those people affected by the earthquake and if there a second reason why nintendo delayed the direct is because they also didn’t want to show a game which is related to what just happened in japan, can’t you understand that?

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  2. That’s cool, but I almost feel a bit bad for Nintendo. This, plus the Megaman 11 demo and FF15 pocket edition for sure should have been announced in the Direct. If this continues people will complain again, that they don’t show anything new, when it finally airs.


    1. Recent Nintendo Directs always showed the games very quick, like 1 minute or something. So it’s not a huge problem but with those announcement I can see they can reduce the minutes of the direct.


    2. Not necessarily. There’s usually a cluster of third party and indie reveals surrounding the Direct that weren’t actually part of it. It’s better to be a week or two late on your announcement and reach all the eyes that sit down to watch the Direct than it is to hold to some arbitrary reveal date you set.


  3. Are you kidding me ? This is very good News, love some strategy game, since we don’t have Pikmin for now and Civ seems prettty good. Also good news for Nintendo 3 party in general, hope this send the message to others. Would love some Chilvary medieval warfare with 64 player server ( fortnite can do it on switch, so ) and maybe Total war games ?


    1. Hopefully because they plan to require touch/pointer input to closely match the PC interface. I’d never touch a game like this on console otherwise.


    2. Yes looks like it. Quite interesting how the Switch is getting traditional PC games such as this and Football Manager that haven’t been on Xbox one or PS4. Probably due to touch interface as already suggested.


  4. They put the full game on Ipad so I doubt the Switch version would be watered down.

    I bought the game for PC and Ipad and I most likely will triple dip on Switch. Sorry wallet.


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