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Limited Run Games Announces Dates For Physical Furi And Golf Story For Nintendo Switch

If you’ve been yearning for the physical releases of both Furi and Golf Story on the Nintendo Switch then you are in luck. Limited Run Games has revealed the dates for both titles on the platform. Furi will be arriving on the 14th of September and Golf Story will come on the 28th of September. Pricing has yet to be announced for both titles.




  1. Furi is SO good! Not for the faint of heart but so good. Almost broke my Switch in two trying to get the good ending with that true final boss. Action is so good!!!

    Now if they could please put out a physical copy of Dandara I would be so happy! There’s another game that kicked my burt but was so satisfying to beat.

  2. Now if only Limited Run games would hurry up with Night Trap. What’s up with them? I preordered it from an eBay seller (at a scalper price) like 2 months ago, and they still haven’t released it. I thought it was supposed to be available this Summer. Now it’s just about Fall.

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