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The Nintendo Switch Online NES Games Will Have “HD Resolution, Filters, & Special Save States”

Apparently, the online play will not be the only feature that Nintendo’s Switch Online NES titles will have. Some people have received an email from the company today, and it contains more details. According to Nintendo, the NES titles will also have “HD resolution, filters, and special save states”. Screenshots of the email can be seen in a gallery down below.


30 thoughts on “The Nintendo Switch Online NES Games Will Have “HD Resolution, Filters, & Special Save States””

    1. Hard to say, Microsoft is selling those games on their own platforms atm, but Phil Spencer have said it’s more important to them to have their games available rather than having them on a specific platform.

      1. I kind of want more GameCube games ported to 3DS, since the 3DS is too good for 64 games, but not good enough for Wii games.

          1. Speaking of Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn, I noticed the website switched it back to Nintendo 3DS, instead of New Nintendo 3DS. Apparantly it was a mistake.

      2. Yall gotta be tired of mario 64 and ocarina of time.
        Ocarina been on gc,wii,wii u, and 3ds.
        mario 64 been on wii, wii u , and ds.

        DK64 was on wii u but lemme get that on switch. Or have nintendo work with microsoft to allow diddy kong racing 64 port.

    1. They won’t release N64 games until they sell the shit out of their N64 Mini console coming out. No sense in having 2 products competeing with each other.

      I loved the idea of the virtual console, but they really botched it up by releasing a handful of titles each month. At this point in the game, NES, SNES, and N64 games should all be available to play on the switch. I also shouldn’t have to rebuy the classic games I’ve purchased before. It’s stupid to make me buy Mario 3 every time they release a console. TBH, they should have kept the Virtual Console and just continue to expand that.

  1. Ok, this probably means several things:
    1- Every game coming to this service full make use of the upgraded resolution and filters.
    2- It’s probably safe to assume that Snes, Gameboy and GBA will follow after the NES games. Will those get the same treatment? Or is Nintendo sticking literally only to NES?
    3- Is EVERY game in the NES catalogue coming to the service? How selective will they be? How long does it take to release these special service games?
    4- N64 and Gamecube are big questions right now. I seriously doubt Nintendo will put HD Gamecube games on the service, will they do it for N64?
    So many questions, and the answers will cost $20 a year.

    1. So that’s the big question with this right? Will Nintendo turn this into a Netflix like service and push to roll out a large library as fast as they can? Virtual Console rolled out at a trickle and they like reselling their past titles over and over, so I’m inclined to say no. If they gave any indication that this thing could turn into a $20 Nintendo Netflix with online play added on, I’d start buying up some Nintendo stock (literally). With enough titles, they could probably get away with a separate $10-20 a month access fee. But when Nintendo is playing coy, I prepare to be underwhelmed.

  2. I just want some choice GBA games. Metroid Fusion, Metroid Zero Mission, Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland, and every Mega Man Battle Network game.

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  4. Will they be Pro-Controller supported? Itโ€™s very awkward to turn Joycons sideways (especially the one with the thumb stick nearly in the middle)…

  5. For those of you praying for N64 games on this service, we don’t even get to KEEP these NES games. Nintendo doing that kind of stunt with N64 titles (big games with SAVE FILES) will just piss people off more.

    Me, I’m waiting for N64 Classic (so I can do what people have done with the NES and SNES Classics without buying an Everdrive).

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