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NPD: “Nintendo Hardware Sales Are At Their Strongest Point Year-To-Date Since 2011”

We already discussed the software sales data that the NPD released today, but the NPD also had some things to say about the hardware. According to Mat Piscatella, “Hardware spending in August 2018 grew 28 percent when compared to a year ago, to $214 million. PlayStation 4, Switch, Xbox One, and Plug N Play devices such as the NES Classic Edition all posted year-on-year gains”.

Besides that, all 3 consoles had a general tie in sales for the month of August. In fact, the difference in sales of the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch was “less than 3 percent”. However, Nintendo did have something to cheer about. VentureBeat says that “Nintendo hardware sales are at their strongest point year-to-date since 2011”.



  1. “VentureBeat says that “Nintendo hardware sales are at their strongest point year-to-date since 2011”.” Since 2011, eh. I assume it did well back in 2011 because of the 3DS’s release… after the price was dropped, anyway.

    1. It’s the best selling system in Kapan every week and the Swtich was the best selling system in America in July and Rumorvsay it was the bestvsekk in America in August.

      1. Dude…. Is that auto-correct messing with your comment, or is that a new language you want to teach Nintendo fans?
        I couldn’t really read it, but I understood it perfectly.
        What is this Cipher?

    2. You only ever get truly official figures from Nintendo every 3-4 months when they do quarterly reports for investors. The next one will be out in about a month’s time.

      1. I wished they used a better chip. Nvidia could developed something better. Don’t know then they will do a better version of the Switch. But it will probably don’t be huge. However a better battery would be nice. But the current Power of the switch will be reached by smartphones, soon. Smartphones just need support to be used with TV and controller support.

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