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Video: Dark Souls: Remastered – Keep Calm – Nintendo Switch Advert

Nintendo UK has released a new TV advert for the upcoming Dark Souls Remastered on the Nintendo Switch. The game will finally be arriving on the 19th of October which is a few weeks away. Take a watch at the live action video with gameplay down below.

Prepare for tough challenges ahead, and play Dark Souls: Remastered anytime, anywhere, when it strikes Nintendo Switch on October 19th.

Thanks to darthwesker10 for the news tip!


    1. A lot of the builds in the demo were slow. You can adjust that depending on stats and weight of equipment.

      Dark Souls is a game about consequence. You can’t just mash buttons and win. Every attack and movement has to be deliberate and well-timed.

      I grant you, it does feel clunky at first… especially if you come off from something like BOTW. But if you just get that feel for it, it gets pretty darn good. Some of the best level designs ever.

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  1. That was amusing. I tell ya… I’ve wanted a handheld souls game for ages and this did not disappoint. The only problem I ran into was I kept instinctively pressing the buttons like I was playing BOTW at first… but once I got assimilated to the control scheme again, the magic returned.

    Anyone who has a fondness of NES Zelda really needs to give this game a try.


    1. I had never played any of these games prior to the network test nor do I really bother playing games on harder difficulties, so I wasn’t too surprised with how much I died.

      I kinda want to take on the challenge and get into it since it does look like a great game.

      At the same time though, I don’t think I have the patience for it.


      1. It is a challenge but the level design should keep it interesting. It’s a somewhat non-linear, metroidvania kind of design with the only “roadblocks” being boss battles (which you don’t need any items to beat, just skill).

        But yeah, the world of Lordran is beautiful but fantastic to explore and flesh out.


  2. I tried to play the game but everytime I tried to start it always said to me that I have internet connection, which is not because I play games near my Modem-Router


  3. I already have this game preordered and I really hope I enjoy it, but I’ve played Monster Hunter before and I absolutely disliked the Monster Hunter game play format. I heard this game is similar to Monster Hunter in that it has these slow controls.


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