Nintendo Switch

You Can Now Get The Conductor Wig & Outfit In Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo has announced that Super Mario Odyssey players can get a brand new costume in the game. After you’ve beaten the story, you will find the Conductor Wig and Conductor Outfit in the in-game’s store. The Conductor Wig costs 500 coins, and you will need 1,000 coins for the Conductor Outfit. We’ve included Nintendo’s official tweet down below.


  1. People seriously complaining about free content probably made by trainees/junior staff members?
    I’m sure Miyamoto himself is sitting 12 hours a day in his office just making costumes.
    The staff that could make additional content for the game, are either making it, or concentrating on a new game.


  2. Too bad NG+ isn’t a thing for Nintendo games like Super Mario Odyssey and LoZ: BotW. Since it’s not a thing, I won’t bother trying to collect every single outfit in SMO (or collect every single outfit again in BotW) so I’ll most likely not bother with this outfit.


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