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UK Video Game Charts For September 2018

The UK is the biggest video gaming market in Europe so it is always interesting to see which games are favoured. September saw a number of high profile new releases including FIFA 19, Spider-Man and Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna the Golden Country. Here’s are the best-selling video games for that particular month:

Rank Title Publisher
1 FIFA 19 EA
2 Marvel’s Spider-Man Sony
3 Shadow of the Tomb Raider Square Enix
4 Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy Activision
5 NBA 2K19 2K
6 Grand Theft Auto V Rockstar
7 F1 2018 Codemasters
8 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Nintendo
9 Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Konami
10 PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Microsoft

3 thoughts on “UK Video Game Charts For September 2018”

  1. IN 2006 gamers where controlling 11 soccer players in real time in 2018 ps fans are still controlling one

    playcasual 4 dualshock for dummys 4 i gve up its like being the only normal person in a world with 6 billion down syndromes on it…

    who the hell after yrs of team control and off the bal control and REALISTIC FOOTBALL SIM carys on playing this garbage sony fans have a lot to answer to same applys aiming with a stick in a shooter


  2. PS4/Switch master race

    Wow, Spiderman sold incredibly well on the UK.
    Incredible to see that Mario Kart is always on these lists.

  3. Since FIFA isn’t as big in the US as it is in Europe, Spider-Man’s chances of being #1 for the US monthly sales chart is pretty high if this sales chart is anything to go by with Spider-Man being #2.

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