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Pokemon GO Made $84.8 Million During September And Is Up 89% Year Over Year

There is currently no stopping the Pokemon Company and Niantic with their smartphone app Pokemon GO. Sensor Tower is reporting that the game made a staggering 84.9 million during the month of September as consumers flock to continue playing the Pokemon mobile title with its regular updates. The site also reports that Pokemon GO‘s gross revenue was its highest since November 2017 and is “an 89 percent year-over-year improvement compared to September 2017.”

“The AR gaming phenomenon also saw an additional 8.86 million downloads worldwide over the course of September. This was Pokémon GO’s strongest month for installs in 2018 so far, and it represents a 100 percent increase year-over-year compared to September 2017.

With the addition of September’s figures, Pokémon GO was able to finish out Q3 with its highest earnings since Q3 2016. Life to date, the game has reached an estimated gross revenue of $2.01 billion worldwide, and has seen 522 million all-time downloads.”




  1. yup, been playing it since the first day, not even joking
    and i dont like play it all day, I use it mostly when i run, i hatch eggs and catch pokemon along the way for 30 mins and the rest of the day ill go on every other hour to catch any pokemon nearby.


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