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Blizzard Advertises “Diablo Reign Of Terror” On Merchandise

Blizzard may have accidentally revealed their next game in the acclaimed Diablo series. The Blizzard merchandise store was updated with merchandise containing the name “Diablo Reign of Terror.” Presumably this is the name of the next game in the franchise, but it could be for something else entirely. We shall have to wait and see, but all should be revealed soon.



2 thoughts on “Blizzard Advertises “Diablo Reign Of Terror” On Merchandise”

  1. not likely, that poster is not displaying Prime Evil Diablo and it was confirmed that all of the prime and lesser evils are still combined in to him after he was released from the black soulstone in reaper of souls

    1. one thing I neglected to include in my original comment is that Diablo is also the Lord of Terror, so it is probably just adding on to that

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