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Video: 10 Minutes Of Diablo III: Eternal Collection Direct Feed Gameplay

The folks at GameXplain have uploaded ten minutes of direct feed gameplay of Diablo III: Eternal Collection running on the Nintendo Switch system. It is a big third party release for the platform and Nintendo has already announced a special Diablo III: Eternal Collection Nintendo Switch bundle which shows there’s a lot riding on this title. The game is set to be released on the Switch on the 2nd of November.

6 thoughts on “Video: 10 Minutes Of Diablo III: Eternal Collection Direct Feed Gameplay”

    1. will take way longer until that. Think about how long D3 came after D2. And D2 aged waaaaay faster. D3 still looks good and works fine even by today’s standards so it will stay for a while. Plus what exactly could improve with a sequel? Especially on the Switch?

  1. How many post you gonna make about this old game ?

    It’s obvious that Blizzard is paying out the websites for PR, like they always do for every game.

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