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Videos: Nintendo Switch Launch Trailers For Valkyria Chronicles, Zarvot, The Room And WILL A Wonderful World

Nintendo has unveiled several new promos for a number of the latest games that were recently released on Nintendo Switch. Check out the embedded videos below to see the official launch trailers for Valkyria Chronicles, Zarvot, The Room and WILL: A Wonderful World, respectively. All four of these titles are now available for purchase via the Nintendo eShop.

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  1. The Room is a very cool series on mobile devices. And it’s perfectly tailored to work on mobile devices. It used to be a show off of all the visual capabilities of phones plus the multi-touch possiilities.
    But it’s also designed for a fast playstyle that let’s you pick it up when you go to the toilet, play for a few minutes and then continue later on the train. It’s not a game that you really wanna play focused because that way it might be very short.

    What I’m saying is, that for most folks it really might be a recommendation to play this on the phone where it feels way more at home.

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