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Nintendo Switch Update For Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Coming Next Week

Capcom Unity has detailed the next patch for Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection and it is coming to the Nintendo Switch next week. The patch arrives on Nintendo’s latest system on the 23rd of October. Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection is out now on the Nintendo Switch and here’s the improvements you can expect to see with the patch:

Online Improvements:

  • Improving online capabilities and ability to host lobbies
  • Friends between the Japanese and international versions can locate one another’s lobbies
  • General fixes

Localization Fixes:

  • Updated Japanese strings
  • Corrections to Korean Photosensitivity Warning

Training Mode Improvements: Multiple fixes have been made to improve dummy behavior.

Audio Improvements: Stereo playback improvements for Street Fighter III titles.

Museum Updates: Text and asset corrections have been applied.



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