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Ubisoft Says They Started Work On The Starlink Star Fox Collaboration Before It Was Approved

Starlink: Battle for Atlas is finally out now on the Nintendo Switch and it is most likely the Nintendo Switch version you’ll be purchasing as it includes the Star Fox collaboration, which obviously isn’t present in the other versions of the game. In a recent interview Ubisoft stated that they began the collaboration before it was officially approved by Nintendo. Obviously it got given the go ahead and should hopefully prove to be a success sales-wise.

“So we always thought “maybe, maybe they’ll be interested. Maybe this is something we can do” and so we started right away, because we were like “we’re so excited by even them having this conversation with us, even though they hadn’t confirmed anything.” And so we started working. We started drawing concepts, we made a 3D-printed Arwing that had their proper connectors and toys in it so that you could take it apart and everything.”

“So we just started working, but we were a little cautious. We didn’t want to dedicate all of our resources to it, and then we got the invitation. To “hey, do you guys want to come to Kyoto?” And it was like a week before… we to go, we had the meeting. They were like “We’ve got a slot, it’s in a week.” It’s on. And we were like “woah, woah, woah, woah, okay.” Fortunately, we had started work before we were really… confirmed anything. So we scrambled to put together this pitch and pull everything together and, for instance, we had this 3D-printed Arwing, but we didn’t have time to paint it properly – to like “pro paint” it. Because, you know, if you’ve gotta do it, you gotta do it right – especially for Nintendo.

And so, but 3D-printed plastic it was like beige. It looked kind of ugly, so we spray painted it this kind of really neutral grey colour. It was a nice finish though. It was this nice, you can imagine, you know, it was almost like you’d see an untextured 3D model in a game, and so we spray painted it grey and brought it over, and had the concept art of the pilots and things, and so we went to present and it was just this crazy surprise to have the whole Star Fox team there that we weren’t expecting at all and Mr. Miyamoto. And uh… yeah… pretty amazing.”

– Matthew Rose, the producer of the game

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16 thoughts on “Ubisoft Says They Started Work On The Starlink Star Fox Collaboration Before It Was Approved”

      1. Dood is that all??? Lol I think I got about 25+ haha I just love flying round WITHOUT mandatory motion control :p and dogfights are great

  1. Bought the game simply because of the Star Fox content. I can already see how repetitive it is, there’s not much variety to the missions. It can be fun at times though. All of the characters outside of Star Fox are incredibly generic/dull. Definitely not the best space shooter I’ve played. Doesn’t hold a candle to Sf64 or Zero.

  2. i haven’t got my copy yet but i’m gonna download the game as digital after i get lets go pikachu game first. Nintendo and Ubisoft have very cool relationship together for coming up such brilliant ideas. :D

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