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Nintendo Celebrates Super Mario Odyssey’s First Anniversary With Special In-Game Event

Nintendo celebrated Super Mario Odyssey‘s one-year anniversary by hiding Pixel Luigis and Pixel Captain Toads around the festival area in New Donk City. There are a total of 39 of them that can be found by doing Ground Pounds in certain areas. If you find them all, you’ll receive more than 7,000 coins! Super Mario Odyssey was released worldwide on October 27, 2017, which means the Nintendo Switch game is now going into its second year.


  1. Im not able to get the guy to say the 8bit song option. I cant find the pixels either….. And yes I’m ground pounding.

  2. Yamaha rabbit:
    Get through the DK course and then you’ll find them…once you come out the other side of the pipe.

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