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Video: Nintendo Minute Play Katamari Damacy Reroll

Two Nintendo Minute episodes are releasing this week, with a special episode coming out a few days ago. As for this one, which just released today, it is the usual Friday episode. In this episode, Kit and Krysta are “rollin’ into the weekend with Katmari Damacy REROLL! This is a game that we both really love so we can’t wait for it to launch on Nintendo Switch. We’re also trying out the Gyro Control in sort of a crazy way with each of us holding one Joy Con. The results were questionable. We’re also excited to share that there will be a demo for the game that will release on Dec. 7. That’s also the day the game comes out for Nintendo Switch”. Here’s the video:



    1. It’s a demo that’s releasing on the 7th December not the full game. I’ll definitely be checking it out even though Smash is out then

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