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Amazon Japan Selling Special Super Smash Bros Ultimate With 63 Amiibo

Japanese gamers who are Nintendo Switch owners will soon be in for a treat as Amazon Japan and Nintendo have put together a bundle that includes the Super Smash Bros Ultimate video game along with a special amiibo case to hold the 63 amiibo it comes with. The bundle seems to include amiibo which have yet to be released, so it seems likely that the item won’t ship until around February 2019. There are only 50 of these items available.

Amazon hasn’t said when the 50 box sets will begin to ship, but it seems most likely that buyers won’t receive it until at least mid-February.

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  1. That’s actually a really smart idea. But I can just imagine how much it’ll cost.

    Let’s see, the price of an amiibo in Japan is $10, so 63 of them would cost $630. Plus, Switch games over there are probably $60 as well. So that would bring to around $700. Geez, that’s pricey.

    But it’s worth it if you want all the amiibo and don’t want to buy them individually.

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