Nintendo Pokemon

Twitch Will Have More Pokemon Marathons On 22nd November

Twitch has confirmed today on Twitter that the popular Twitch Presents will be back with more Pokemon the Series action on Thursday. You will be able to watch Seasons 1-5 of the series from 22nd of November at 10am PT,


    1. To be fair, you have to be an OG marathoner to understand my joke. The humor is extremely subtle and without a solid grasp of the intermissions, most of the memes will go right over a person’s head. There’s also Max killed Lucario with chocolate, which is deftly woven into the 9th movie’s memes. The philosophy draws heavily from the fact that canines are allergic to chocolate for instance. The OG marathoners understand this stuff; they have the intellectual Kappacity to truly appreciate the memes of this run, to realize that they’re not just funny, they say something deep about Pop culture.


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