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US: GameStop Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch Deal Adds $30 eShop Gift Card And $50 GameStop Gift Card

Those of you who didn’t manage to snag a Nintendo Switch console in the recent Black Friday deals should check out this deal GameStop will be running on Cyber Monday which is tomorrow. You can get a Nintendo Switch console for $299.99 but you get a free $50 store gift card and $30 Nintendo eShop credit, giving you a chance to get a game on your wish list. This promotion should be up and running tomorrow.

  • Nintendo Switch + $50 Gift Card + $30 eShop Credit¬†(Neon Joy-Con) $299.99
  • Nintendo Switch + $50 Gift Card + $35 eShop Credit (Grey Joy-Con) $299.99



    1. Don’t feel bad. The alternative is to do what I do, which is never buy a Switch on the flawed logic that no matter how good a deal is now, a better one will come in the future. And then the heat-death of the universe arrives and I’m still Switchless.

      1. @Infinite Ridley, this is hands down the best deal I’ve seen so far and it is absolutely a smart time to buy. I’m just being irrational.

        1. If it’s got games you want or games you want that are on their way and you got the money, I say go for this deal. If you want, you could use the 50 dollar gift card to buy an eShop credits card and get a free game with the Switch if there is a game you want digitally.

  1. Wow, a Switch and $80 for $300?! That’s pretty good! Anyone without a Switch, now’s a great time to get one!

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