US: Reggie Says “60% Of Our Revenue” Comes From Lead Up To Christmas

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime recently took part in an interview with Yahoo Finance and the site quizzed him about the all-important Christmas period. Reggie told the site that around 60 percent of Nintendo‘s revenue comes during the three months leading up the Christmas. The company will be hoping that the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals will contribute to this.

“The holiday selling season — October, November and December — critically important to our company.  We typically do, in the Americas, about 60% of our revenue during that time frame. The reason that it’s so significant is first, our products make great gifts. Whether you’re talking about Nintendo Switch, whether you’re talking about Nintendo 2DS, we really do well with that gift- giving occasion,” Fils-Aime said.

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  1. And that’s the commercialization of Christmas, kids.
    This is interesting because it means a large chunk of Nintendo owners don’t buy new games throughout the year.

    1. They don’t. My wife’s family, who I think is part of a major demographic for Nintendo, gets together every year for the holidays and plays Nintendo games. Mario Party and the sports games all get busted out. My two sisters in law like to play Paper Mario together. I’ll play Smash with my brother in law. They’ll drag out the Gamecube and play Luigi’s Mansion. Last year they were tag teaming Zelda. So my mother in law always picks up the newest console and gets a few games every Christmas. She usually comes to me to ask what’d be good for her to get.

      It’s all about nostalgia and playing together like when they were kids.

      1. very nice… i wish my family would do that.
        it sounds like a boys dream :-)
        have fun at christmas :-)

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