Rumour: Swedish Retailer Inet Lists Metroid Prime Trilogy For Nintendo Switch

Update: Thanks to reader Taumi Smaïlaye who says that the listing translated into English from Swedish says the following: ”This product is only a rumour but we think it will likely be revealed at the game awards with release early 2019 (feb?)” 

A Swedish retailer named Inet has published a listing for Metroid Prime Trilogy for the Nintendo Switch. With online chatter hinting towards a Metroid Prime 4 reveal at the Game Awards 2018 a revamped version of the iconic video game trilogy would be most welcome. We shall have to wait and see what transpires on Thursday evening.


  1. One problem. In swedish it says

    ”This product is only a rumour but we think it will likely be revealed at the game awards with release early 2019 (feb?)”

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  2. It would definitely be fitting to add the trilogy along side MP4.
    Maybe even After MP4 releases, A “Metroid Prime Collection” bundle could be a thing, though I would really prefer a remake of the first 3 along with a MPHunters remake too. They can use the assets from MP4 to remake Hunters and the trilogy, but that is just wishful thinking on my end.

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  3. In HD with improved models, HD Rumble compatibility, and optional motion controls and you got yourself a buy if this releases! A day 1 buy! Unless it releases this month, that is. I’ve only got around 128 bucks left and that 120 is being saved for when I need it.

    Why optional, you may ask? Because motion controls for aiming SUCKS on the Switch. I utterly loathed the horseback archery in BotW because of it. Of course, it could always have been because BotW was a Switch port and motion controls were thrown in (like with Twilight Princess on Wii) late in development so they didn’t have time to properly calibrate them.

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  4. Why don’t Ninty listen??? They give us lots of crap games nobody wants or asked for then when fans really want something they don’t bother? Lol


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