YouTube Gaming’s Ryan Wyatt: “Nintendo Is Making A Big Step Forward By Embracing The Creator Community”

VentureBeat recently did an interview with Ryan Wyatt. Wyatt is YouTube Gaming’s global head of gaming and VR, content and partnerships. At one point in the interview, Wyatt talks about Nintendo‘s recent actions towards YouTube creators. Wyatt says that “Nintendo is making a big step forward by embracing the creator community”. You can see what Wyatt said in full down below.

GamesBeat: I’m sure you still have to be quick when it comes to taking down inappropriate content.

Wyatt: We obviously have community guidelines, but we’ve been happy with–look at Nintendo’s announcement, where they’re embracing game creators and allowing them to monetize on the platform. I think we’re making great progress in that regard. We try to be an open platform and allow any content that comes up, but certainly we have community guidelines that people need to adhere to. We try to embrace the freedom of the platform.

GamesBeat: In some ways YouTube can be this force for getting publishers to understand how creators can use their IP to everyone’s benefit.

Wyatt: I think that’s right. Nintendo is making a big step forward by embracing the creator community, and that’s a testament to what the power of creators can do. Creators play a big role in making sure we have a healthy ecosystem of people playing, consuming, and watching gaming. The progress we’re making is tremendous. I’m excited for 2019, with everything that’s happened this year. I do believe YouTube can play a big part in showcasing and highlighting how important the creator community is to the publishers.


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  1. While I’m glad Nintendo is finally killing that retarded YouTube program of theirs, it’s clear YouTube is suffering from another illness now and it’s been a problem ever since the site went down worldwide a couple of months ago. I agree with Markiplier that Google removing Google Plus has something to do with all the bugs YouTube has been having lately since that day.

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