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Digital Foundry: Super Smash Bros Ultimate “As A Technical Showcase For Switch There’s Nothing Quite Like It”

The technical folks over at Digital Foundry have had a new project to tackle and it is the recently released Super Smash Bros Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch. They have come away extremely impressed by what Nintendo has achieved with the game from a technical standpoint with its locked 60fps and 1080p visuals. Here’s what they concluded:

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate we have one of the best Smash titles ever made, and another brilliant addition to the Switch library. The ability to run it docked or portably with every type of controller imaginable with up to eight players makes this a perfect match for Nintendo’s vision of a truly versatile console. All of this runs at 60fps, with extreme exceptions, the Sakurai and his team can justifiably treat this as a series peak. It’s a culmination of years of effort in character and stage design, every one affectionately finding a place on its menus. As a technical showcase for Switch there’s nothing quite like it. For all its differences to previous versions, Ultimate is a high watermark for the developer that will be difficult to surpass.


Thanks to Nintendo First Order Reaver for the news tip!


  1. As much as i love smash… I still wont deny that its not the switches prettiest game. Dont get me wrong it looks great…. But stages look kinda pixely textured when zoomed on them… So do characters on stage elements like tigle and ect. The game uses bump mapping well making you think flat objects actually are bumpy and textured.

    1. While in motion though the characters and stages look stunning.
      A lot of the stages themselves are filled with intricate little details to boot.
      Like, I don’t think I’ve seen a better looking stage in a fighting game than Ultimate’s Fourside. I know that’s really high praise but I really can’t think of a level that’s wowed me more.

  2. “Ultimate is a high watermark for the developer that will be difficult to surpass.”

    Until they surpass it in the next Generation…

    Sakurai is badass like that

    1. Sakurai has hinted at (back around 4s time) tht he was either gonna reboot the series or make an culmination of the series history into one game.
      Looks like we got the latter.
      So im guessing the next SSB game will play very differently than wht we hav ever come to know.

    1. Ehhh, I don’t know. Smash for Wii U felt like a step backwards when it came to modes. Classic felt underdeveloped, Master and Crazy Orders got old after a few rounds, I hated Target Smash, and Smash Tour was just a messy and unbalanced clusterfuck. When more often than not you play by yourself (like myself as my contact with friends is very limited), Smash for Wii U just didn’t have lasting appeal with underwhelming single player offerings.

  3. Honestly, Super Smash Bros Brawl is the best Smash game to me. Great single player offerings, no modes from previous games were missing, etc. The only issue I had with Brawl was the fact some characters introduced in Melee were missing.

    1. My opinion may change later on, though, provided they give Ultimate the Splatoon treatment and add old modes & stages that aren’t in the game to it, like Poke Floats! (An updated Poke Floats would be better, though!)

  4. It’s so difficult to say the best entry? There are so few entries, and notably only Melee stole players heart, so it’s better than Melee or not? Something (intuition) tells me that it is…

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