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New NES Controller Trailer For Nintendo Switch Online Is Getting A Lot of Dislikes

Earlier today, Nintendo released the official overview trailer for the NES controllers that are available for purchase only by Nintendo Switch Online members. Instead of focusing on the promo’s direct message, a significant amount of viewers have disliked the video on YouTube and are leaving comments urging Nintendo to improve their online service. A number of fans are also criticizing the $59.99 price tag of the retro-themed controllers. You can check out the trailer for yourself in the embedded video below:

58 thoughts on “New NES Controller Trailer For Nintendo Switch Online Is Getting A Lot of Dislikes”

      1. Who said give them away for free? Cut the damn price. Don’t call something a “special offer” yet charge full bloody price for something. The NES controller isn’t a special offer, it’s an EXCLUSIVE offer. Very big difference.

    1. This fake news still in circulation?
      They uploaded the video with the same comments and dislikes, so it was not because of dislikes.
      Really don’t think that Nintendo cares.

  1. Well! If we all stick together and hold off purchasing then they’ll have to drop the price
    Also I hope we r getting more than just nes games.
    Maybe, but then will probably have to pay more extortionate fees for more controllers.

      1. They both have 2 clickable analog sticks, a d-pad, 4 face buttons, 4 shoulder buttons, start, select, capture,, home, rumble, Bluetooth, motion controls, and charging port so up until that point they’re on par. However the PS4 controller also has a extension port, a 2-point touch pad, 2 of it’s shoulder buttons are analog triggers and the other 2 are pressure sensitive, and it has an audio codec which drives it’s speaker and a headphone jack that will allow you to hook up a microphone to it.

        The Pro Controller has USB-C instead of Micro-USB and it has a new Bluetooth spec but those really don’t provide any functional advantages. The rumble also uses a Linear Resonant Actuator motor instead of an Eccentric Rotating Mass so it can do finer more controlled vibrations but they’re also weaker.

        You’re right about the price though. Last I had checked their was a $30 gap between then but I guess that’s not true anymore.

      2. While I agree that they are typically only $10 more, the PS4/XB1 controllers go on sale all the time whereas the Pro controller doesn’t. Back when it was first released, this was acceptable, nearly two years after release, not so much.

      3. You’re mostly on point myownfriend, but please point me to the select button on a DS4.
        Most games have to use the left half or all of the touch pad as a clumsy makeshift select button – putting the rest of it out of use.

        Analog triggers are objectively worse when used as buttons (gun triggers, heavy kicks, dodge rolls) – and vastly superior as a gas pedal..
        so it’s a difference but not a direct improvement.
        (I’m curious of L1/R1 sensitivity use, that tech facinated me ever since the DS2.)

        Other differences you didn’t mention were the Pro Controller having NFC comms, some fifteen times the battery life of DS4, and the DS4 having a more blistering but larger (therefore better) dpad, and game controllable coloured LED lighting usable for game feedback and motion control applications when paired with a PSEye.

        Besides the point but they both share a certain tendency to have their analogs fail.

    1. Considering how it had been free for such a long time and still is free on the Wii U which I hear has better Smash Bros matchmaking, it’s peer to peer which means the players are hosting, not some dedicated server Nintendo paid for and no one cares about the NES games.

      People have every right to complain that they’re basically being forced to buy NES games they don’t want, just so they can resume peer to peering.

      1. its not like that…
        but how much potential is there and they dosent use it,
        thats why im winning.
        i always think how many ip’s they got… why they dont buy or make more second parties for they games.
        nintendo dont have the same third partie support like sony and ms, so the must do it alone. in fact more studios for the nintendos ips.

  2. The online is lack luster. I rarely touch the NES games. I’ve used online in Dark Souls a few times. That’s kind of it. I give it props for being cheaper than the competition. Not sure if it was still worth getting but at least its no huge finicial regret.

    1. same 2 me.
      it finished dd1 gradius…
      so its cheap but its nothing more.
      it would be awesome when whole virtual consol is on it ;-)

  3. The shady thing about Nintendo really is if you buy a NES or SNES game on a console you own, you own it. Not you having to Pay again for a title you already have purchased a couple times. How many times do i have to pay for an ancient game that Nintendo has got the money for more than its worth, and to OTHER PEOPLE. If Google play could get it right so can Nintendo, instead they just want your money, not satisfaction.

    No worries really though, they got that overwhelming drone support. Shhhh.

  4. Lol, not surprised. Online service is garbage. They already released the NES and SNES Classic, why would I want that as a bonus for subscribing. $59 for an NES controller is just not gonna happen. You already gotta pay $60 for Smash and now I gotta sub to play online? I feel bad for the platoon players that gotta sub to play the main part of the game, lol. You wanna give people the incentive to subscribe to online; then give bigger discounts to members, exclusive deals, lower the subscription price, a better game library because this is 2018, no one really gets excited about getting free retro games as a bonus. I mean really, you’d think Nintendo would be able to clearly see what’s wrong with the online service but I guess not :)

    1. Dedicated servers for your online games would be nice, too. Sadly, some people are dealing with the same crappy peer-to-peer online but now have to PAY for it. But no! It’s okay because the price is cheap! 20-30 bucks isn’t a scam, we promise! *rolls eyes* I guess the people using the “It’s cheap!” excuse will be okay with eating soup that has a rat in it because the soup is cheap at only 2 bucks where it’d be 6 bucks somewhere else.

      1. Yea, when you consider that you’re paying per-month just to play old games that are being emulated locally, you wonder how Nintendo even put a price on it. Like I understand the price of competing services that offer a certain amount of free games each month with each game being tens of gigabytes in size because devs have to get their money and Sony and Microsoft have to make up for the cost of running those servers. In Nintendo’s case though, in order to access the very same page that we’re on right now my browser had to download 3.66 MBs of data and that’s with all the images and CSS cached. That’s the size of about 45 compressed NES games. Literally every time someone accesses this page, we’re downloading something with a size equivalent or greater than the Switch Online app is downloading like once a month.

        In other words, Nintendo’s paid service costs them less to run than their website.

  5. It’s really not worth it right now. People have every right to be upset. Maybe if a big selection of NES, SNES, and possibly N64 games were available at the start it would be a different story. You’ve had so long to figure this out Nintendo. Stop with the damn drip feeding of classic games.

    I swear if good new games weren’t a thing on Switch it would be another Wii U.

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  7. It’s a bit absurd, these prices. It’s the same price for 2 joy cons, which are advanced, comfortable, and awesome controllers. So why are you charging the same for blocky, uncomfortable, ancient, and NSO only controllers?! I would but them for $20, but Nintendo, I’m disappointed.

    1. I have an idea why dont you pay 20 dollars to every person who you feel is complaining about it. You clearly dont see a problem pying for things and not getting anything in return. Itll be a win win for everyone.

    2. Ah, the old “it’s cheap!” excuse/defense! Just because something is cheap doesn’t make it good.

      Hey! You want some soup!? It’s got a rat in it but the soup is only 2 bucks! You’ll have to pay 6 bucks if you go somewhere else! Isn’t my cheap soup GREAT!?

      1. Hey man, if you wanna keep complaining and expressing the same emotions on nearly every blog post, go ahead. It just seems like a lot of effort to me for only $20.

  8. its very disappointing since the nes classic sells for 60,how can these 4 button controllers really cost that much? its really just an expensive gimmick

  9. You call THAT a “lot” of dislikes?
    I mean yeah well TECHNICALLY that IS a lot of dislikes, but I’ve seen more dislikes from OTHER Nintendo Switch Online videos so this one’s not that big of a deal.

    I think the big deal should be that even though it still has a lot of dislikes, it’s actually that rare Nintendo Switch Online video that has more likes than dislikes.

    I’m not saying that makes it good, but at least it has better reception than the other NSO videos by comparison.

  10. Such a shame. A shame there are still people defending Nintendo’s online service because it’s cheap, that is. A bad product is STILL a bad product no matter how fucking cheap it is. Would you eat soup that has a rat in it because it’s cheap? No. No you wouldn’t. Then again, some people are stupid so they probably would eat it regardless of the disease infested rat that’s swimming in the soup. *sigh* That or they are very, very, very desperate. Either way, I pity you. Err-.. I mean them! I pity them!

    1. Sadly, I’m desperate. I utterly HATE losing my save data, so I will sadly be paying for their online in February 2019 for those precious cloud saves. If there was an alternative to keeping my saves safe, I’d take it and forgo online altogether. Sadly, Nintendo made sure there was no way to backup your saves BUT through their paid online as your saves can neither be moved to an external device or be saved directly to the Switch Game Card as the things were designed to not be re-writable. (And people were so excited by the return of a “cartridge” for game storage because they thought they’d be able to have their save data saved on it and maybe even install updates to the game directly on the game card.)

      1. Aw man I didn’t even think of the beautiful possibility of up-to-date cartridges.
        Such a futuristic thought and such a wasted opportunity…
        For now anyway could still happen down the line, remember the Super FX.

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