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UK: 19.6% Of Console Sales In 2018 Were For The Nintendo Switch

GamesIndustry has released their “2018 Year In Numbers” gaming data for the UK. This includes gaming console sales in the region. According to the data, the Nintendo Switch accounts for 19.6% of console sales this year. The 3DS accounts for 2.9%, and the Wii accounts for 0.5%. However, Nintendo’s hardware was surpassed by the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. These accounted for 44% and 31.8%, respectively.

As for software, there are a few Nintendo-related things that did well. According to ICO partners, Pokemon GO was the 12th most covered game, and it was #5 on the top 5 games by worldwide IAP revenue. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was #3 on the Top 10 Games on Twitter. If you want to see all of GamesIndustry’s data for yourself, it is down below.



      1. Ive got zelda botw on wii u and I dont care about mario games anymore. I have donkey kong: tropical freeze and bayonetta 2 on the wii u too. I ignore all online games on the switch because of paid online. So yeah, the switch has been very mediocre so far.

    1. okay i agree with you… almost ;-)
      Zelda is a game that i want and what im waiting for is…
      StarFox ( but a real one like lylat wars)
      Eternal Darkness
      if they bring these games and others im happy but if the bring others… and just Metroid im very disapointed, because…
      just two games that i wanted, i get!
      okay i dident want mario & rabbids, but that game is awesome.
      thx ubi for that and zombi u

  1. Microsoft needs to reveal the total sales of the Xbox One up to this point. I think the sales should be good enough that it shouldn’t be a total embarrassment at this point. Hell! Wii U did abysmally at only about 13-15m sales but you didn’t see Nintendo hiding those numbers like little bitches! Man up, Microsoft!

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