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NPD: “Only The Switch Saw Year-Over-Year Growth In Dollar Sales” In November 2018

The latest NPD data is out, which is for the month of November 2018. Although Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony have all had some positive news with their hardware sales, Nintendo was on top. According to the NPD data, only the Switch saw year-over-year growth in dollar sales. All 3 consoles, including the Switch, sold 1,300,000 units each. NPD analyst Mat Piscatella says that “It is only the second time in history any three platforms achieved more than 1 million units sold in a November period. The first occurred in November 2010, when the Nintendo DS, Wii, and Xbox 360 achieved the feat”.



    1. Well they didnt. But they do sell the same if you round the number. Nobody really cares when some sold slightly above or slightly below. So they usually round to the nearest number with solid zeros…for the most part.

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