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Video: “Consumer Service: How To Get Started With A Nintendo Switch Online Family Membership”

It isn’t often that Nintendo releases consumer service videos, but this one is an exception. According to Nintendo in the video description, “In this step-by-step walkthrough, learn how to create a Nintendo Account – family group, and purchase a Nintendo Switch Online Family Membership”. If you want to see the video for yourself, we’ve included it for you down below.


  1. And in good old fashion, the dislikes outnumber the likes. Good, because until they actually fix their online infrastructure so that Smash- among other titles but this comes to mind immediately because it’s the game I’ve noticed the most problems with- has minimal lag and connection issues, they deserve the backlash.

  2. The fanboys are in full force in the comment section of this video. Especially that Internet is always crying moron. Just another shill kissing the ass of a company like a good little corporate stooge. He probably defends CBS and Lucasfilm from the people upset with the new Star Trek and Star Wars, too. (Or he’s a troll.)

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