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Stardew Valley Nintendo Switch Performance Patch Live

A performance patch for the popular farming sim Stardew Valley has gone live on the Nintendo Switch today. The game’s creator has announced on Twitter that the performance patch should help alleviate issues for those of you who have massive farms. Stardew Valley is available right now on the Nintendo Switch eShop.


  1. This post about Stardew Valley reminds me of the unlimited money exploit. Anyway, Stardew Valley is an awesome game fashioned by a brilliant developer. A fantastic product from the great Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone.

  2. I recently ordered the physical Switch version of this game from PlayAsia. Which is the Japanese version, but it’s supposed to have full English support. Looking forward to receiving it (even though I already had the PS4 version, but never played it).

  3. Funny, it was only earlier today that I noticed any frame rate issues. And to think, I made it three years in game before I noticed anything.

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