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Video: Splatoon 2 Off The Hook From Game Party Japan 2019

Nintendo has uploaded some fresh footage from the immensely fun Splatoon 2 Off the Hook concert from Game Party Japan 2019. The event took place earlier today and fans presumably couldn’t get enough. Take a watch as the action unfolds in the video down below!


  1. Ok. Break time is over get back to work!!!Yall need to be working on Splatoon 3. I dont want to pay $350 to play Splatoon 3. PS5 is right around the corner. And Splatoon is a strong tittle. So make Splatoon 3 and release it when PS5 strong tittles arrive. The PS5 could take away your 20million goal Switch sells if tall dont get back to work and taking a 8 year break.

  2. Basically at this rate you have to pay $400 per new Zelda game. If they worked on Zelda immediately and realise it around the PS5 arrives that could put some dents in PS5 sells and make it easier for Switch to reach 20million units.

  3. Arms 2 better be in the world. A New Starfox Story from the ground up could damage PS5 sells. If Nintendo worked on the tittle immediately. Another Zelda exclusive to Switch
    Another 3d Mario
    3D Donkey Kong
    2D Donkey Kong
    Luigi Mansion 4
    Switch needs yall to work on games immediately

    Trine 4 in the works.

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