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Next Splatfest Announced And It’s Due 8th Of February

Nintendo of America’s Versus account has informed its followers on Twitter that there is a Splatfest coming on the 8th of February. This time its a tasty breakfast battle and Splatoon 2 players will have to choose between Team Pancakes and Team Waffles. So, yes, it is going to be a difficult choice. The event begins at 8pm PT and finishes on the 9th of February at 8pm PT.


  1. You guys have no taste if you choose waffles, jokes aside I hope they fix the issue where hackers can make people disconnect from the online matches for a easy win

    1. Pancakes are so fluffy and moist and the way they soak up the syrup and butter…. I eat the center last because by the time I get to it the cake, syrup and butter has married perfectly by then. However…

      Waffles have a nicer aroma and are crispy even after a while, oh but those little craters that hold most of the syrup start to soften so then there’s this blissful combination of crispy and soft all while being sweetened with the syrup and other toppings such as fruit and whip cream

      Which to choose??? You know what? Next time I’ll just make a waffle and pancake sandwich! (waffles outside and pancake inside)

    1. although now that i look closer, there is fruit on the picture of the waffles…. so i guess you could technically put fruit on either.

      Huh…. now I’m back to not knowing which to choose.

    1. I don’t think they’ve done this; maybe you’re thinking of Burgers VS Pizza? That was in Splatoon 1, with Burgers winning.

      I think the only Fest that was done twice was Dogs VS Cats, and even that’s not a technical repeat because the first time was NA-exclusive while the later one was EU-exclusive, so though the theme was reused, each region only got it once.

  2. Team pancakes all the way! Waffles never separate the butter evenly into it’s holes, so you’re left with it being oddly and unevenly spread. Pancakes, on the other hand, are a light, fluffy, warm, and easy to spread delight.

  3. I feel I might do pancakes if only because of the mid-credits scene from Ralph Breaks the Internet- coincidentally, one of only three parts of that movie that were good.

    “Pancake, milkshake, milkshake, pancake, milkshake, pancake, pancake- I’m starting to see why people really like this game; it’s very zen!”

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