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Videos: Nintendo Unveils New Nintendo Switch My Way Commercials For Several Games

Nintendo is showcasing several Nintendo Switch games with a series of new commercials under the moniker Nintendo Switch My Way. The promos are meant to display how you can “play the games you love, however you like,” thanks to the portability nature of the console. You can check out the Nintendo Switch My Way trailers for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Final Fantasy VII in the embedded videos below.


  1. When the guy said to his wife “maybe we should rename her Zelda”, I remembered the deceased veteran actor Robin Williams. He was a fan of Ocarina of Time. The game inspired him to name his daughter Zelda. Sadly, he surprised us with his untimely death back in 2014.

    1. that was my first thought 2. :-)
      and he says it realy cued.
      but my english is not that good.
      what she answer him after he say it about rename her?

      i like this commercial.

  2. It’s so crazy to see commercials like these actually. They show legitimate grown ups enjoying games like a regular part of their life. I think gaming has the image that adults who game aren’t somehow a part of the world, working, or social. You get the idea of older gamers being basement dwellers or losers. Yet these commercials show what gamers do look like now. We’re adults, we work, some of us have kids now, but we still like games and we are living life but also still playing games. Sometimes socially with other adults or with our own kids.

    I feel other game commercials aimed at adults try so hard to be edgy or advertise “mature” games. Yet these ads are aimed at older buyers too and just show how Nintendo is an adult console. Nintendo is for adults who like to socially game, enjoy the classics, and engage with their families.

    1. You couldn’t of summed it up better in that last sentence.
      I remember me and my brother getting the original nes for Christmas back in the mid 80’S and I have been an avid Nintendo fan ever since.
      Sometimes I ask myself the question: will I still be playing video games when I’m like 60 and my answer to myself is ‘ I hope so’.
      I think as decades go on more and more people will be into video games at an older age.
      I’m just gona keep enjoying until I’m blind or have arthritis (or both).

  3. Dude that first commercial was totally me when my twins were born March of 2017! Crazy times, but thanks to the Switch I never missed a big release.

  4. I love how zelda didn’t share the spotlight with another game halfway through the commercial lol

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