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Video: Mature-Themed Cinderella Game Cinders Available Now On Nintendo Switch

If you’re tired of the typical Cinderella story, a game called Cinders mixes things up by telling its own version of the classic fairy tale. Touted as a mature take on Cinderella, Cinders is a visual novel that revolves around player choices and shaping the story in any way you like – with multiple endings, 120 decision points and more than 300 different choices. The game is now available in the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch, courtesy of publisher Crunching Koalas. You can check out the official launch trailer in the embedded video below:

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  1. Anyone up for a visual novel, they definitely need to check out Cinders. Now I just remembered Doki Doki Literature Club! It was very warm at start and then becomes so dark as you progress. I really liked the twist. I never thought that I’d be interested with visual novels since then.

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