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Video: New Demo Trailer Unveiled For Yoshi’s Crafted World

To celebrate the recent launch of the demo version for Yoshi’s Crafted World, Nintendo has unveiled a brief new trailer that highlights some of the things you can do in it, such as collecting coins, swallowing enemies, throwing eggs and retrieving hidden objects. You can check out the demo right now on the Nintendo eShop, whereas the full game releases on March 29 for Nintendo Switch.


    1. They did the same thing with Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn. I’m wondering if that’s their new thing.

  1. I’ve had a good blast with the demo.
    This game is gona be so enjoyable to play with perfect platforming gameplay.
    I felt like I was at preschool playing the demo, but I absolutely loved it!

  2. I’m not gonna lie. The demo was wonderful. In the beginning, it doesn’t look interesting. However, I feel like a lot of effort was made to learn from Yoshi’s Island. The concept of 3d traveling is cool.

  3. The demo was pretty fun. Better than I was expecting. Unique level design. I like the 3D movement, and how you can throw eggs into the foreground and background. I think it’ll be a solid game. Although I kinda doubt it’ll be as good as Woolly World.

  4. I love everything about this demo, but I still can’t figure out what they were going for with Yoshi. It’s like they weren’t comfortable doing normal Yoshi, but cardboard Yoshi would be too much. Mix it together and you have… Carpet Yoshi! Or Turf Yoshi. Or something weird. Someone please explain to me the material of Yoshi!

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