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All Fortnite Players Can Receive The Season 8 Battle Pass For Free On Nintendo Switch

Epic Games is offering a chance for Fortnite players to unlock new content at no additional cost. For a limited time, if you complete 13 free Fortnite Overtime Challenges, you’ll receive the upcoming Season 8 Battle Pass for free. This special promotion is only available until February 27 on Nintendo Switch, so be sure to take advantage of it before it’s too late. You can check out a brief promo for Fortnite’s Season 8 Battle Pass in the embedded video below:


    1. It’s not generous, it’s devious! They know that kids spend $100, $200 or even more on stupid cosmetics! The battle pass only costs about $10. They just wanna keep the kids engaged so that they are more likely to buy their overpriced cosmetics ($5 for an emote, are you fucking kidding me?!).

      1. @DarthChrisb, don’t take this dude comments serious.

        First he hate Fornite, now it’s cool. He flip flops on anything.
        He just say things people like the here.

        Doubt he even owns a Switch in the first place.

      2. And $20-$40 for a costume that doesn’t change stats at all. I agree, it’s pretty absurd. The fact that so many people pay money for this garbage shows that we aren’t a very bright society… XD

      3. Even though kids can’t pay for this stuff unless parents guve them access to their bank accounts. Not like every online store allows for people to not save their account information, as well as turn off store access for kids accounts o3o I’ll keep saying this over and over, there’s a point where you’re no longer protecting the unknowable from dangers, but instead promoting for people to stay ignorant and pass blame on others instead of taking self responsibility. It shows in studies that older generation people will actually admit at what they do wrong, while younger generations will pass blame to/attack others almost every time.

  1. I’m not sure, but I’m feeling enthusiastic about it. I think it’s Epic Games’ answer to somehow counter the hype of other battle royale games (Tetris 99 and Apex Legends). There’s nothing wrong with competition. In fact, gamers seem to be enjoying the generosity.

    1. Tetris is no competition at all. One is a puzzle game from years ago and people will burn out on that fast.

      Other one is a shooter with lot’s of people on many platforms playing.

      Apex is also overhyped because big players like Dr disrespect got no content anymore after Pubg and now getting paid by EA for promoting this game.

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