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Nintendo UK Store: Diablo 3 Goblin Amiibo Available For Pre-Order

The Nintendo UK Store has begun informing customers that the Diablo 3 Loot Goblin amiibo is now available to pre-order. The item will start shipping in May and is available to pre-order for £14.99. Here’s all the details along with images of the latest amiibo!

Where there are goblins, there is treasure to be found! Summon your own portal to untold riches with the exclusive Loot Goblin amiibo.

Used exclusively with Diablo III: Eternal Collection, there is an “amiibo Portal Item” that sits in players stash, which when combined with the Loot Goblin amiibo generates a rainbow portal which leads to a realm filled with piles of gold and Treasure Goblins.

The amiibo cooldown is not shared with party members, so you can share the functionality with friends!


  1. If I was the CEO of Blizzard I already ported Word of Warcraft on Switch with motion controls and some new way to interact with few buttons and many spells.

    Switch would sell better than Wii.

    For some reason all these big companies are safe and boring.

  2. I’m drooling over the Diablo 3 Goblin Amiibo. A lot of people really like it because of its container which doesn’t need to be destroyed to open and great for showing off. And yeah, I like how they designed the amiibo well. I hope future amiibos get to have a container like that of the Diablo 3 Goblin Amiibo or could be better.

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