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Ace Attorney Trilogy Release Date Will Be Announced Next Week

The official Ace Attorney Twitter account has an announcement of an announcement. Capcom is planning to reveal the Ace Attorney Trilogy release date next week. The long-standing game series compilation is due to be released on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. We will of course keep you posted when the date is revealed for the west.


  1. While Ace Attorney is my number one shared favorite game series, I’m not hyped for this. I played them all on DS, played the first on Wii and played the HD Trilogy on 3DS already. Hope they can give us a new game. Didn’t Capcom promise us something other than ports?

    1. Yes, they specifically said the next Ace Attorney entry would continue on the switch.
      Give it time, I’m hoping they’re doing something big with the next one, like full voice acting.
      As for now its been years since I played the original trilogy, so I’m definitely picking this up.

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