Japan: Physical Yoshi Stationary Rewards On My Nintendo

Japanese My Nintendo members have some new merchandise to get excited about on the My Nintendo site. Japanese Nintendo reports that the new items up for grabs are a Yoshi’s Memo Stand (400 Platinum Points), Yoshi and Egg Ballpoint Pen Set (300 Platinum Points), and finally a Yoshi Canvas Pouch (300 Platinum Points). You will be charged ¥540 for shipping. Take a look at the Yoshi-themed goodies below:



  1. And so it begins… again. I am impressed, as I thought My Nintendo would not make any physical rewards options, and Platinum on that.

  2. Spending Platinum Points this way would be good.

    However, I can’t help but notice how much attention is given by Nintendo to Japan.

    They could profit greatly if they would consider doing this globally.

    It’s a nice offer.

  3. I want this to be outside of Japan too, but I don’t like that if they do that, they’d make us all pay the shipping fee as well.

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