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Reminder: Don’t Forget You Have One Week Left To Download Daemon X Machina Demo

Just a quick reminder to those of you who were excited about Daemon X Machina for the Nintendo Switch but had forgotten that there’s currently a demo on the eShop. The demo is for a limited time and will be removed from the Nintendo Switch eShop on 11th March. Be sure to download it to get a feel for how the game plays as well as noting any specific improvements etc that could be made to the developers via feedback.



  1. I heard quite a few complaints from the demo especially about it being slow, but after playing through the other day I thought it was pretty good and didn’t have a problem with the speed at all.

  2. yeah P Edwards.. thats right.. its not really any slow at all.. i just think maybe someone are slow since they use heavy parts without realizing the true potential at all.. i did play through and put in 12+ hours into the demo and did create a good machine that is unrivaled in air/ground but had to remove my missile pod launcher since its heavy so whats the point when you had the two machine guns and two bazookas on your back to fly so fast and easy enough :)

  3. I thought the demo was a bit unpolished, the graphics were terrible.

    Not much interractivity with your surroundings especially in the base.

    No reliable way to get health back (or maybe I just didnt notice how)

    Ennemies are a bit too easy to beat and controls make 3d fights a bit hard to handle

    We need a lock on system for some weapons.

    The interface was a bit messy and confusing at times too.

    If they improve the game on those points then I will consider buying the game, we dont have many mecha/futuristic games on switch yet.

    If the final product is going to remain the same then I will pass and wait for astral chain instead.

    1. Well this is the E3 build for the demo. So they hav an approx of 1 year since then to hav been working on it. This demo was also a way to hav feedback from the community, to help re-work some things. (nothing big of a change thts obvious)

  4. If I’m being honest I didn’t really like what I got with the demo. The customization was awful, the controls did NOT work, and the visuals were either unpleasant or just plain bad. I really hope they polish it up a bit. If not, as Law said, I’ll also pass and wait for Astral Chain.

    1. Well it is an E3 build of the game. So of course it wuld b unpolished. Even they havent dont anythign for optimization for 1 year of development since E3 2018…..then well… *puts up torches and pitchforks* lol

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