Devolver Digital Will Have A Press Conference At E3 2019

EA isn’t going to have a press conference at E3 2019, but someone else is. Devolver Digital has confirmed on their official Twitter that they will, indeed, hold an E3 2019 press conference. This will be the third year in a row that Devolver is holding a press conference. Devolver’s conferences always stand out in a very comedic way, so that theme will likely continue this year. The official tweet is down below.


  1. If they could announce publishing a sequel to the messenger or enter the gundeon I’d be in a very happy place.

  2. Don’t care about their games.. but their press conference is pure comedy entertainment!

  3. For an underrated video game publisher, Devolver Digital had a legendary first conference.

    If it’s going to be something new and exciting this year, I feel like they can pull it off.

    The artsy games they’ve published like Ape Out and GRIS are amazing!

    I’m looking forward to My Friend Pedro and OBSERVATION.

  4. I wonder what current electronic and/or digital gaming trend they are gonna make fun of this time. They did bitcoin, toys to life model (amiibo in paricular if I remember correctly), microtransactions, & those nostalgic “mini” console so far from what I can currently recall.

    Whatever they call out, I’m gonna enjoy the hell out of it.

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