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Japan: Yo-kai Watch 4 And Inazuma Eleven Ares ‘Let’s Play’ Videos

Level-5 has two games which is hopes will impress Nintendo Switch owners this year. The first is Yo-Kai Watch 4 which is the first time the series will have appeared on Nintendo’s latest system. It is due to be released in Japan this spring. The second game is the role playing football title Inazuma Eleven Ares which doesn’t have a release timeframe but it is due this year on Nintendo Switch and other platforms in Japan too. Level-5 has invited five Japanese YouTubers to play the game and produce videos showcasing the games in action here are two of the videos:



  1. Every time I hear about Yo-kai Watch, I can’t help but compare it with Pokemon.

    Both of these games are great though.

    Anyway, the battle system of Yo-kai Watch 4 kinda reminds me of the mechanics and moves in Ni No kuni.

    Interesting combat.

  2. I’m liking more these graphics and art style than the Pokemon SS’s one.. =/ I’m afraid..
    Well, gamefreak has more time to polish the game though.

    But this Yokai game is looking fab, I will buy it and play it in japanese to practice the language, since it has the Kanjis with the kanas above. It also looks very interesting. I have played YW2 and liked it so I will buy 4 because it’s such a huge update graphically speaking.

  3. The 3DS is FINALLY going to get some games!! Clearly this is made for a handheld like the other 3, and Switch isn’t a handheld, it’s a home console, so clearly this is for 3DS! YAY!!

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