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Nintendo Switch Online Games Kid Icarus And StarTropics Now Available

As we found out at the start of the month the two Nintendo Switch Online NES titles for March have been announced and they are Kid Icarus and StarTropics. Both of these games are available today as part of the deal for Nintendo Switch Online members. Be sure to check them out and be sure to update the NES app to Version 2.3.0!

21 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch Online Games Kid Icarus And StarTropics Now Available”

  1. Can I be honest? I actually feel the monthly release of games is the least of our issues right now. Splatoon 2 doesn’t let us play modes whenever we want despite making us pay for the online, Smash Bros Ultimate’s online is less-than-acceptable due to the matchups not always being what we want, and the my goodness the voice chat badly needs work.
    Sure it would be great if this area got improvement but I feel we have bigger fish to fry.

      1. “But all fighting games use P2P so screw dedicated servers!” *facepalm* It’s one thing when a fighting game that only lets 2 people fight at one time use P2P but Smash lets up to 8 players fight at the same time.

      2. If I may be honest; I don’t like to get into the whole “Do they have to charge for online?” debate because it’s an area most people don’t have actual knowledge in.
        Whenever I’ve spoken to people that do work in that field, they’ve usually said “There’s more to pay for than people realize”, no idea what this actually means but since I’m no programmer, it’s an area I can’t really argue in.

        1. It’s simple math really. Take all that “There’s more to pay for than people realize”-equastion, and add server maintenance to that.
          It’s a reason why games like For Honor us e P2P. It’s cheaper. Ofc there are coding and engineering behind P2P. Everything costs money, but it’s still the cheaper route which have faaaaar less maintenance. It’s a shame really imo.

      3. People will hate what I’m about to type here but may as well be truthful than sugar coat it.
        Nintendo is not your friend, they never will be, they are a company who’s primary motive is to make money and if they can charge for something, they can charge for something.
        “Oh but Chris, they don’t need to”, yeah and guess what? Neither does companies like Disney, Amazon, McDonalds, Marvel, or Walmart. They are a multi-billion dollar companies that have money coming out of their butts than the common employee does after a monthly payment. Disney could afford to make 10 movies over and give them away to the public and they would still be multi-billionaires. Hell, it’s probably because of that aspect that they can afford to fill their movies with all that feminist SJW garbage.
        This is why I shake my head in disbelief when I hear people say “But Nintendo doesn’t need to charge, they wouldn’t treat us like this!” well guess what? They do and they always will as money is the end goal.
        You want a company to stop doing something? Simply put; Don’t support it. Don’t give your money over and if enough people apply that mentality, sooner or later they will change and if they don’t, just have nothing to do with them or at the very least don’t pay for online.
        Bottom line; Just because Nintendo doesn’t need to charge for online doesn’t mean they *have* to, if you don’t like it, don’t support it.

        1. I don’t think anyone here doesn’t understand that businesses are the to maximize profits, not earn profits. Nintendo is, as you put it, a business that wants to maximize profits. Nothing wrong with that at all.
          What they do, in my opinion, is delivering a subpar subscription service. I don’t support it with my money, and I want to express that I don’t like it either. Take it easy dude. We’re not attacking Nintendo.

    1. That’s an understatement, man. The whole service is kind of garbage. I’m a bit disappointed that instead of charging like $40 for a great online service they charged $20 for an extremely mediocre service.

      1. +WetWaluigi
        Besides what I said before, what else is wrong with it? And before you bring up how apparently Smash Bros is “Laggy af”, to me that’s on the players. I’ve been playing Smash Bros Ultimate a lot since release and while I won’t deny I do get the odd lag here and there, 90% of the gameplay has been very smooth and a lot of fun. If you’re getting lag, that’s your Internet and no amount of dedicated servers can fix that.

        1. I don’t think it’s just me having this problem though. Reading reviews online, many people appear to be irritated by the frequent lag. I wouldn’t have stated that without further evidence.

        2. If it was server-based it wouldn’t necessarily be as laggy, and in a game where more that 2 players can battle together, some issues will probably appear with P2P. Ofc there would be some other things like input lag with servers (not that there aren’t any atm online) but the overall experience would be better when 4 people are playing in most cases.

          While people can and should avoid handheld wi-fi gaming online, you can’t really blame people for using the function Nintendo gave us. Even people that’s played fine one match have had issues in another with the same people playing.

      2. +Kantenstain
        “While people can and should avoid handheld wi-fi gaming online, you can’t really blame people for using the function Nintendo gave us.”

        I’m sorry what? The strength of your connection depends on the power of your Internet, as in the service that your ISP gives you. All Nintendo is doing is providing you the devices to connect to said connection. If you have a standard connection, gaming online is still not gonna be that great even if you do have dedicated servers. Also, to be fair to Nintendo, they did at least have the decency to give you the option to use a wired connection. I don’t need to use that as I have a strong but expensive Internet but if you have a normal or weak connection, going wired is the way to go.
        And yeah I know people love to pull the “This is 2019! We’re past the days of wired!” and to be frank; We really aren’t when it comes to online. Even now online has not truly been mastered, even companies like Namco still have plenty of hiccups when it comes to online and they are often praised for how great they are for online.
        Dedicated servers do help, I won’t deny that, but they aren’t the holy grail people claim they are.

        1. I know that this was accidentally sent to me, but I think you should stop defending Nintendo and saying that the only problem is our Internet, because it’s clearly not. Almost everyone I know has issues online, refuses to play online because of lag, or dislikes the service for other reasons, and I don’t think that’s because of bad Internet. It’s because of Nintendo’s online shortcomings. The only reason your connection is apparently god-tier is because you must just be really lucky or not play often.

      3. +Wet Waluigi
        I actually run a YouTube gaming channel and I upload plenty of online gameplay so I definitely do play online a lot.
        And dude, it’s basic knowledge, the more powerful your Internet is, the better performance you’re gonna get online. Rewind a few years ago and I was only on 20 MEG powered broadband and my online gaming was anything between mediocre and abysmal. But when I got upgraded to 100 MEG, suddenly my gaming sessions took a massive improvement simply because I had a much better Internet.
        And for the record; I’m not “defending” Nintendo, I actually have serious issues with Nintendo’s online such as not being to play specific modes when I want in Splatoon 2, The ridiculous matchmaking in Smash Bros Ultimate, and don’t get me started on the horrible voice chat. Believe me, when I think Nintendo is pulling this garbage, I will call them out on it but lag? No, that’s not on Nintendo, if you’re having loads of lag then it’s your connection and no amount of dedicated servers is gonna fix that. And, as I said, if you’re having problems wireless, go wired, it’s not like the adapter is super expensive.

        1. I’ll have to check you out sometime! Anyway I haven’t experienced any lag in any games except Smash if that’s what you mean. My point is that you shouldn’t NEED a perfect internet to get smoother sessions. And lol I have to agree on all of your points for other online issues.

      4. +WetWaluigi
        To be fair, a lot of my words here do come from my personal experience. And I have to agree, sometimes it can be on the developers. Take Street Fighter V for example, that game’s online has seen *some* improvement but compared to the likes of Dragonball FighterZ, Tekken 7, and Soul Calibur VI, it’s really not good.
        But with Nintendo, I’ve always found that all games across both the Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo Switch have remained strong aside from when I was back on 20 MEG. I think the reason why sometimes you can get inconsistency is because of the way a game’s netcode is programmed.
        That said, I will admit this, I do tend to only play 1 vs 1 matches because I tend to not favour 3/4 player matches due to gameplay reasons but when I have done matches like those, they’ve ran smoothly with only a little lag from time to time. Plus, with more players, if even 1 of those players has a weak connection, the entire game suffers so I prefer to limit the risk.
        I would link my YouTube channel here but I fear I’d get banned so I won’t risk it.

        1. This is getting a bit too broad. I never said I had any issues online with any game except Smash, but yeah, that’s probably because I play free for all. If I did 1 on 1 I’m guessing it would be a lot better…. That being said I admit that many games online feature smooth online play with no hiccups, and that’s probably why I was surprised when Smash was so bad. But on the THIRD hand, those were mostly 1 on 1. Well, looks like I’ve gone full circle lol. Maybe I should just play 1 on 1 matches from now on XD

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