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Video: Nintendo Shares Footage Of Local Co-Op In Yoshi’s Crafted World

It is not long now until the beautiful Yoshi’s Crafted World arrives on the Nintendo Switch and it should be another big hit with owners of Nintendo’s latest system. Today, Nintendo UK shared footage of the local co-op aspect of the game which sees a second Yoshi join in the fun. Yoshi’s Crafted world comes out at the end of the month on 29th of March.

Buddy up with a pal and uncover secrets as a truly eggcellent team in local multiplayer! Yoshi’s Crafted World, launches March 29th.


  1. The more I see of this game, the more I want it.
    I can’t wait to get stuck into this stunning looking game.

  2. I played co-op on this for a bit but couldn’t stop sticking to the other person’s back lol

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