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US: Some Target Stores Are Selling Labo Kits At $17.99 To $20.99

It appears that some Target stores have discounted a variety of Nintendo Labo kits in certain stores in the US. These items are currently priced up at $17.99 to $20.99 according to the Cheap Ass Gamer Twitter account. It is probably best to call your local Target store to see whether they have discounted their Labo products.


  1. Was to be expected. Cool concept but any parent would be looking at cardboard and their child knowing damn well it won’t last.

    Which is exactly what happened to ours.

    1. If its just Target doing this then it was a retailer decision and they’re most likely taking the hit to get rid of their stock

  2. Knew this was coming, the fact that majority if not all of the experiences require you to hold the device the entire time takes a huge part of the interactive part of it away imo.

    besides Nintendo is still on this “We cant lose the children!” run like they should honestly be worried about it. They shouldn’t.

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