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Video: Graveyard Keeper Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer

Publisher tinyBuild and developer Lazy Bear Games have announced that Graveyard Keeper is coming to the Nintendo Switch “very soon”. So, what is Graveyard Keeper? The game is “the most inaccurate medieval cemetery management sim of all time. Build and manage your own graveyard, and expand into other ventures, while finding shortcuts to cut costs. Use all the resources you can find”. The reveal trailer is down below.



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    Graveyard Keeper would be a great addition to the Switch’s repository.

    It makes a good alternative to Stardew Valley, Rune Factory, and Story of Seasons.

    It’s a nice excuse to take a break from being the Hero in a Fantasy world.

    It’s unique to see the result of adventurers as a Humble Graveyard keeper of the land.

    Glad this one is finally making it to Switch.

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