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Video: PAX East 2019 – Shovel Knight: King Of Cards Pridemoor Keep Gameplay

Yesterday,  you may recall that GameXplain released footage showcasing some Shovel Knight Showdown gameplay that they recorded at PAX East 2019. Well, GameXplain is back with another video. This time, it is some gameplay of Shovel Knight: King Of Cards. This video shows off the Pridemoor Keep stage. According to GameXplain in the video’s description, “Please note that although this stage isn’t technically new and has been featured in previous King of Cards demos, the “new” demo at PAX East 2019 actually doesn’t contain any fresh content for King of Cards”. Here’s the video:

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  1. Almost painful to watch someone so bad at shovel knight. Ah well we all had to start somewhere just shocked a games website would show this footage

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