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New Mode Called Aether Resort Now Available In Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes was recently updated to version 3.4.0, which implements changes to Heroes appearing in summoning events, a new Pair Up feature and adjustments to Aether Raids. The update also introduces a new mode called Aether Resort, which is described as a place where you can invite Heroes who are allied with you or your friends to enjoy your Aether Keep and interact with each other. When you first visit Aether Resort, you’ll receive 550 R&R Affinity and structures for your Aether Resort.



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    Aether Resort looks like a neat mode.

    Two years have gone by and Fire Emblem Heroes is still rocking it.

    Being able to see heroes outside of battle and just chatting with each other is nice for a change.

    I hope people don’t judge a book’s cover without even trying it.

    So anyone who tried the mode, how’s your Aether resort experience?

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