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New LEGO: Stars Wars Video Game In Development

Matt Wood, who is one of the sound editors and also voices a number of Star Wars characters in the beloved franchise, has revealed that there is a brand new LEGO: Star Wars game in development. It is believed that the new game is based on Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and its prequels. These have yet to make it into the LEGO: Stars Wars series. So when the series is wrapped up the game should hopefully be released around the same time as Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is available in cinemas.


  1. What’s the point? Star Wars is dead and the sequel trilogy killed it. Besides, lego games have gotten old.

    1. Yawn. It’s not dead. Lego games have gotten old, and kids still love to play them. so, I’m glad they are making another one.

    2. Depending on what E9 does, it’s still alive for me. But if they bring Palpatine back to life in E9, I’m done with anything past E6. (If they don’t do that but there are other things in E9 that really pisses me off, I’m still done.) Only E1-6, the Clone Wars stuff, & Rogue One will be canon to me. As for anything else set either during or before those movies, if it’s good, I’ll consider it. Provided they don’t have any heavy tie-ins to the sequels, that is. If they do, they are null & void immediately as it would disrupt the canon set by the first 6 films.

  2. I loved lego stat wars and lego starwars 2 on my ps2 back in the days, one if the first games I 100%

  3. I want Lego Star Wars 1-6 on the Switch. Idr where I first played one Lego Star Wars game, but I’ve liked the Lego games ever since

  4. Lego games were better when they had short levels and you didn’t fight a boss at the end of each level

  5. I don’t care for Lego games and I’m sick of Star Wars after Ep. 8. *sees article* OMG I HAVE to get it day 1!

  6. No thanks. I’ll stick with the original & prequel trilogy Lego Star Wars. In fact, screw all Lego games these days. Til they stop with copypasta-ing the audio from films over the Lego games & go back to relying on telling the jokes through visual cues, I’m not interested any Lego game.

    1. @ Overlord Infinite Ridley,
      They do that to EVERY LEGO game? (O_0) Man, I only recently watched a LEGO video on YouTube (LEGO Dimensions, The Simpsons pack), and I was annoyed at how they just copied an actual episode of The Simpsons, and even put the actual audio from the episode too (that Chili cook-off episode). Just one video of a cartoon I’m VERY familiar with, and that’s all it took for me to be annoyed with the copy & paste thing you mentioned.

      And it’s not just LEGO games either. I’ve noticed that pretty much every game involving The Simpsons just copies and pastes the audio (and/or episodes) from The Simpsons TV show instead of doing something original and unique. They did it to Road Rage, Hit & Run, and The Simpsons Game. And probably all of the rest. Sometimes I don’t mind, but I feel it’s SO lazy of them.

      1. Yeah, I wouldn’t mind voice-overs for Lego games but please! Make new ones. If you can’t get the actors from the movies to do the voices because they want too much money, hire career voice actors instead.

  7. Instead of them making yet ANOTHER LEGO Star Wars game, I’m surprised they’ve never tried making a LEGO Mario or LEGO Zelda game. I’ve always wished they’d do that, even though I don’t really care about LEGO games. A Mario or Zelda LEGO game might get me interested. But they might not be allowed to.

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