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Bloomberg Sources Claim Cheaper/Smaller Switch Launching By End Of June, ‘Modestly’ Updated Switch Later This Year

Bloomberg has published an article today looking into Nintendo’s prospects in China. Within the article they state that they have spoken sources who have mentioned that the rumoured smaller, cheaper and more handheld Nintendo Switch system should be launching by the end of June 2019. Those of you holding out for the rumoured upgraded Nintendo Switch system should be able to get your hands on it later this year. However, it has been noted that it is a “modest” upgrade over the current Switch so its set to be more like the Nintendo 3DS to New Nintendo 3DS upgrade. A much more powerful version of the Nintendo Switch isn’t in the works according to the people Bloomberg talked to.

Growth in the current period will get a boost from the launch of a new, cheaper version of the Switch, according to two people familiar with the matter who requested anonymity to discuss private plans. The new device will likely be launched by the end of June, according to one of the people. The existing Switch will receive a modest upgrade this year, though a more powerful version is not in the works, the people said.



  1. If it’s too modest an upgrade then it may not be worth investing in.
    Time will tell I spose.

  2. It’s a bit ambiguous. I’m kind of interpreting the “modest upgrade” to maybe refer to a software/firmware update of sorts to the standard Switch. Or is it simply in reference to the smaller Switch system being an upgrade? Either way, my sister should be happy about hopefully getting a price drop.

  3. Meh I don’t feel so good about a switch mini or a 3% more powerful switch what’s the point for a standard switch user?

    Release more colors of the switch, limited editions instead.

  4. I think when the rumours suggest a much more powerful Switch, they were meaning the Switch 2 or Next Gen Switch.
    Though I don’t think many people will pick up the “Modest Upgraded” Switch due to the fact it sounds like it won’t be that big of a leap

  5. I keep reading that if it’s incremental in its upgrade, that no one will be buying one. However I would consider this: Depending on the cost of a battery replacement via Nintendo (for arguments sake – not replacing it yourself as it can be done), it may be worth it. The Li-ion cell in the Switch will drop off of a cliff around the 2-3 year mark depending on the usage and care taken. If the cost to trade in and upgrade is near the cost of a new battery from Nintendo, then financially it would make sense to go the route of a new one – complete with new warranty and JoyCons.

    That’s a big IF, though.

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