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Nintendo UK Store Announces Fire Emblem Switch Pre-Order Bonus And A Special Limited Edition

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is just one of the next big first party title from Nintendo and its bound to be a hit with existing fans and newcomers to the Nintendo Switch system. Today, the Nintendo UK Store revealed its plans for the game’s launch on 26th July and it includes a special Fire Emblem: Three Houses Limited Edition.

The Nintendo UK Store has the Limited Edition listed and it includes the Fire Emblem: Three Houses game, SteelBook, USB Stick containing music from the game, artbook and a pin badge set of the three houses. You will get it on the day of release and it costs £79.99.

If you just want the game and you are wondering what incentives the Nintendo UK Store is giving if you pre-order the Standard Edition, then you are in luck as you get a free Fire Emblem: Three Houses collectible coin and pouch. The standard edition of the game costs £49.99.

Both are available to pre-order right now!

Source: Nintendo UK Store


      1. Welp, I’m living in germany right now and I didn’t order it online but at my local gaming store – Apparently they were told the price – doesn’t seem like it.
        I will probably cancel the pre-order and get it somewhere else if it’s cheaper.

  1. …Is it a bad sign that this game is €50 when most other first-party releases were €60 or €70? Star Allies was €60.

  2. The special edition is worth it just to avoid that ugly standard box art. Could’ve done something a bit more interesting than plain black though

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