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Pokemon: Detective Pikachu Stars Share Moments Working On The Film

The official Pokemon website has conducted an interview with Pokemon: Detective Pikachu movie stars, Justice Smith, Kathryn Newton, Ryan Reynolds, and more. The assembled team talk about a number of things including how they managed to create emotional bonds between their characters and the invisible CGI Pokemon cast. Have a read below and you can view the entire interview with the movie stars here. Speaking of the bond that people have with their Pokémon, one of the things that struck us about the movie is that it has some really heavy emotional scenes. As actors, what’s that like to emote with and have these tender moments with these animated Pokémon?

Justice: It’s difficult sometimes because it can be hard to act with something that’s not there, but Rob Letterman, the movie’s director, made us very comfortable and made sure we knew where the Pokémon were at all times. And as actors, it is our job to imagine. It’s our job to make imaginary circumstances feel as real as possible. I mean, Kathryn has been doing this since she was in the womb—we were trained to make things seem real.

Kathryn: That’s what was so fun about making this movie. We really got to use our imaginations. We were acting with nothing, but we know Pokémon. We know what they’re like; we know their personalities, and because of growing up with Pokémon—watching the anime, playing the games—we just wanted to do a really good job.

We all felt a really big responsibility to the Pokémon fandom, so we hope that when fans see the movie, it’s like what my dream is. Like, if I wanted Psyduck to be real, it’s actually better than I imagined.

Ryan Reynolds, who stars as the voice of Detective Pikachu, talks about the potential of future movies staring Pokemon:

Ryan: I don’t fully know. (laughs) I mean, look, if you’ve ever found a universe that is suited to building itself out cinematically, it’s the Pokémon universe. It’s Star Wars in a sense. There are infinite ways that you can tell different stories, the world is so dynamic and intricate. I know that they’ve suggested a couple of things that I thought were really, really interesting. Stuff that was so interesting that I almost wish we had got to do it in the first movie, but we’ll see!

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  1. Seriously. We need at least one video game adaptation to not take a dump on the source material. I loved the Resident Evil movies but ugh! After the letdown that was “The Final Chapter” with Wesker relegated to being someone’s little bitch & the fact we only got Claire & Alice back as the only two returning heroes of the film, that series was ruined for me by just that one fucking movie. No more! We need a win!

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