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Brewster, Celeste And Leif Furniture Items Return To Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

A trio of special furniture items have found their way back to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. For a limited time, you can once again craft Brewster’s Coop, Celeste’s telescope and Leif’s flower stand. These items can be placed at your campsite for Brewster, Celeste and Leif to make regular appearances and show off their respective skills. Read on below to learn more:

Brewster and friends are back again! You can craft special furniture items, including Brewster’s Coop, Celeste’s telescope, and Leif’s flower stand, until May 12th. Now’s your chance to bring Brewster and company to your campsite! Brewster, Celeste, and Leif are all great to have around the campsite because they’re experts in their fields. Brewster is a coffee connoisseur with the best brews, Celeste is always reaching for the stars, and Leif has the greatest green thumb in the garden!


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